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ABOUT "InfoCube"

What is it....?

InfoCube is a specific and focused software developed for construction industry. The product fulfils the need for a computerized software to carry-out and support core construction management processes in its essence.

InfoCube allows clients to focus on their core business, taking the burden completely out of the core processes of the specific subject matter, by enabling the software based management of construction processes.

  • Specific to Construction Industry
  • Use the Power of Computer/Software
  • Processes and Best Practices are Implemented
  • Streamline while Control Business Processes
  • Improve Overall Manageability



Provide 100% implementation supports on the required tasks such as requirements collection, configurations etc.


Being 100% owned product, we are capable of modifying anything the way we want. Making it fully customizable.


We provide varieties of training methods including class room type training, online training session and media/material based training.

Business Process Re-Engineering

Implementing known - proven best practices is a way to success, We help you to select and implement the best processes suit to your needs.


Making your system secure is important, we take necessary measures to make your system impenetrable.

24/7 Support

Excellent support service makes everything easy by being there when you need us the most.


Important Features

  • Estimation/BOQ/Costing
  • Variation and Extra Work Tracking
  • Subcontract Management
  • Tender Information Management
  • Material / Resource Analysis
  • Supply Chain / Purchasing / Inventory
  • Operations and Daily Progress Reporting
  • HR and Daily Labour
  • Financial and Accounting Information
  • Project Monitoring & Progress Tracking
  • Process Automation and Approval Workflows
  • Expense Tracking / Daily Expenses
  • Vehicle Information and Fuel Records
  • Rented Items Management
  • Management Information Reporting


InfoCube Construction Management Solution is carefully crafted to support today's apartment builder's need. Managing Building/Construction Process, Tracking Clients and their Payments, Facilities Management are well covered in the system.

From Cost Management to Construction Planning to Daily Progress Reporting to Account information is easily Managed with this elegant solution.

InfoCube Solution is a highly customizable solution which supports segmented roads and highway development projects, it also provides the HSR and similar standards with adaptable set of features.

InfoCube Solution can be easily adapted to the water supply and distribution project to manage the construction process of all elements of such systems in a well organized, process driven approach to achieve cost savings, on-time delivery and quality production control.

With it's intrinsic set of features to manage the construction projects with efficiency and effectiveness, InfoCube solution is identified as the best tool to use for the Electrical/Power and Telecom Construction Processes.

Managing all aspects from a design to delivery is utmost important in Interior / Exterior projects and Container Conversion projects. InfoCube supports managing CCP projects with material using, costing, bill creation, inventory, extra-work and variations, subcontractor management in appropriately using in its proper context.



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